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How We're Helping

GIVA, is a nonprofit group that has put together a very innovative, transformative comprehensive plan to help stem the tide of human devastation affecting our communities today. GIVA is working with Reefpoint Studios with industrial machines through the art and creativity to give opportunities and career paths and choices to all avenues of youth and people who need help or a second chance. 

Reef Point Studios is a printing Manufacturing company with industrial-grade printing equipment for mass production for local and national companies, we will be soliciting these companies to fill orders and then train Individuals looking to get back into the workforce by bypassing some of the obstacles when it comes to working application and base it primarily on individuals desire and abilities.

GIVA also partnered with the Inner-City Ministries and has implemented a new program called IMSB an acronym for I am somebody.

Get involved

There are several ways you can help support GIVA and other nonprofit organizations to stem the tide of homelessness. When you purchase any of GIVA’S specially designed apparel all profits will go to training, education and housing for the homeless and the less fortunate. You're also able to purchase any of our apparel on our website and donate it to the homeless, every weekend we go out with clean shirts and a smile to do our part in supporting the homeless. (Link to shopping page for GIVA)



Thank you

We truly appreciate your support and donations and we’ll continue to do our part to stem the tide of the homeless epidemic affecting our communities. Thank You!

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