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Voices of Givalifenow

IVA and Inner-City Ministries, have also implemented a new program called IMSB acronym for “I am somebody”. GIVA has enlisted the support of Reef Point Studios, a printing Manufacturing company with industrial grade printing equipment for mass production printing for local and national companies. We’ll be soliciting these companies to fill orders and then train the homeless that are looking to get back into the workforce by bypassing some of the obstacles when it comes to work applications (Paper Walls) and base it primarily on individuals desire and abilities. All products produced for our customers will be of the highest quality, because our employees have something to prove not only to our customers, but also to themselves. I am somebody! The “Paper Walls” of homelessness, when we apply for a mortgage, renting an apartment or apply for a job most of us have the ability to complete these applications with seamless effort or any hesitation in completing them. But for individuals going through dramatic life changing events such as homelessness, incarceration, evictions or other life altering events that cause them to be homeless these applications will in most cases be incomplete or rejected by today's societal protocols that truly dictate where we live, our ability to learn a trade and even employment.

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